We’ve gone and made ourselves a new website… Also, Lobster.

It took a long time, but it was worth it.

We’ve gone and made ourselves a new website!

The new site conveys our values and story a little better – or at least, we think it does 🙂

Those photos took a lot of effort – many thanks to Rob Fischer of Lightsource Photography for spending several days with us as our photographer, as we slowly turned from happy to ecstatic with his work. We think you will agree 🙂

Please check out Rob’s work – he’s a genius!

We’re doing a Lobster Special!

Chef Koji has managed to secure a catch of fresh WA Lobster!

To celebrate, he has created two dishes:

Lobster Nimono $70
Lobster Sashimi with Special Miso Soup $70

Pictured below is the Lobster Nimono, however you’ll have to use your imagination for the Sashimi. Just think ‘fresh and delicious’ and you’ll get the picture 😉

Please understand that the Lobster dishes take quite some time to prepare, so we are only serving them to our Loyalty Rewards customers who request them at least 1 day in advance, via booking. While stocks last 🙂

Be sure to book in advance to experience these amazing new dishes!

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